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A Caring Society
A Summary Of Attempts By Philosophers To Define A Society
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Wednesday November 1st 7.30 pm, Community Centre, Berrow Road,  Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset  



What is Philosophy?

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A Brief History of the Group

The Group came into being in 1989 when a beginners’ class in philosophy, which had run for a couple of years, finally expired through lack of numbers. However the group wished to continue to study the subject and met in the home of their tutor John Coombes. This, eventually, became the Burnham Philosophical Society. As numbers increased, the Society moved to a more accessible public venue, which is its meeting place at the present time. We have about 25 members and many others who visit occasionally.  John has now handed over the running of the Group to Lynne Smith.

We have recently decided to change the name to ‘Burnham Philosophy Group’ as part of a re-launch to encourage new members to come to share their thoughts and ideas with us.